Reach Limitless Success by Exercising Your Personal Power

Ultimate Personal Power™ is a 30-day program designed to empower you to take back control of your life and make the changes that will transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Ulitmately helping you elevate your future success. At Prospria we make
this possible and carry out our mission of helping people worldwide to live better lives.








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Prospria Ultimate Personal Power™ Program 2.0 — Edition.

In this foundational program, you will learn the core strategies created by Prospria and learn the secrets to mastering your own personal path to success.

These strategies will help you, just as they helped thousands worldwide, to revitalize your health, get the passionate and loving relationship you’ve always wanted, and achieve financial freedom.

At last, learn the secrets for unlocking a new level of success in every area of life, from your career to your health to your mindset. Plus you can study our program your own pace in your spare time.

You'll get our complete virtual training program focusing on showing you exactly how to gain financial freedom, achieve peak physical health, find love, and so much more. Use this proven system to elevate your success in life!

Commitment to Virtual Training Excellence

Prospria Ultimate Personal Power™ Program 2.0 will provide you with the success training and foundation you need to build your own personal fortune.

When you join as a "Member" your new online business also give you full access to this quality product (no additional purchase required). Plus you get unlimited back-office and product upgrades, 100% FREE.


Achieve Success Outcomes, Faster!

Everyone’s learning journey is different. We create impactful and relevant learning paths to achieve the success outcomes you want. We have the tools and training you need to unlock success, wealth and achievement.

"There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality."


Discover the power within you to create unstoppable confidence and live a life on your terms.


Do you constantly feel that you would achieve so much more if you could just get out of your own way? Most people fail to succeed not because of external factors, but because they let their own fears prevent them from trying.

Our extensive research has been applied to discovering how people can overcome their limiting beliefs to live an extraordinary quality of life. Ultimate Personal Power is the foundation that will unlock the strategies to transform your career, relationships, health and finances.

Our exclusive program: Prospria Ultimate Personal Power™ Program 2.0 is the key to personal success, as well as the underlying mindset necessary to trigger lasting growth and change.

We all have an area of our life we are looking to improve, but starting often feels too overwhelming, so we end up abandoning it all together. With Ultimate Personal Power, you will complete small steps each day for 30 days to create real results.

Designed to teach you the psychology behind the process of turning your dreams into reality, this program takes the stress out of transformation.

Everything you need for an extraordinary quality of life is within you. Unleash it with this risk-free opportunity today.




How to eliminate harmful thoughts and replace them with empowering ones The proven formula for conditioning your mind for success
How to overcome any fear holding you back How to inspire confidence in yourself every day
Secrets to solving any problem quickly and efficiently Discover how to gain perfect health, wealth, love and happiness


Course Breakdown

DAY 1 The Key to Personal Power
An introduction to the Ultimate Success Formula and how you can take consistent action to produce results.

DAY 2 The Controlling Force That Directs Your Life
Learn how to use the forces of pain and pleasure to begin creating lasting change in your life.

DAY 3 Taking Control: The First Step
A breakdown of Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC) and how it will help recondition your feelings around any situation or person.

DAY 4 The Science of Success Conditioning: Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC)
Dive deeper into NAC as you interrupt your current thoughts and condition them for new, empowering ones.

DAY 5 What Everyone Wants and How You Can Get It!
Discover the two things in life everyone wants to change and why. Then, learn how you can transform your physiology and state to change anything.

DAY 6 The Power of Focus
Now that you’ve learned how your state determines your ability to change, it’s time to transform your state.

DAY 7 Values and Beliefs
The Source of Success or Failure. Examine your values and beliefs to determine how they are helping or hurting you.

DAY 8 How to Take Complete Control of Your Life
Discover your limiting beliefs, overcome anxioty, & eliminate stress and worry. Learn the secrets to think, act, and feel in complete control of your life everyday.

DAY 9 The Power of Why
Now that you’ve overcome your limiting beliefs and stress, create a “why” that will propel you forward.

DAY 10 Creating Your Future: The Goal-Getting Workshop
Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Break down your goals and create an action plan to achieve them.

DAY 11 Success Conditioning: The Power of Rituals
To make room for positive emotions, you need to destroy the negative ones holding you back. Gain leverage over these emotions to get rid of them for good.

DAY 12 Anchoring Yourself to Success
Learn what anchoring is and how you can create positive anchors to keep you in a powerful state that pushes you towards your goals.

DAY 13 How to Condition Yourself for Wealth
An overview of the 7 reasons why people don’t make it financially, and the critical first steps you can do now to start to transform your wealth.

DAY 14 Ending Financial Self-Sabotage
Most people are damaging their wealth without realizing it. Re-evaluate your relationship with finances to get on the path to financial freedom.

DAY 15 Overcoming Feats of Failure, Success and Rejection
To eliminate fear, we must transform our rules. Learn the erasure technique and how to use it to remove fear from your life.

DAY 16 Eliminating Self-Sabotage and Creating Unstoppable Self-Confidence
Self-sabotage occurs when we continue to engage in activities or behaviors that bring us pain in addition to bringing us pleasure. Learn to eliminate the ways we chase pain and create self-confidence through the success cycle.

DAY 17 How to Increase Your Energy
You can’t make progress if you have no energy to work towards your goals. Discover two essential keys to vibrant health.

DAY 18 The Power of Successful Relationships
Learn why relationships fail and how you can ensure the passion in your relationship never dies.

DAY 19 How to Solve Problems Quickly and Effectively
Problems are inevitable. Create a mental state that will allow you to conquer any problem with ease.

DAY 20 Peak Performance and Optimal Health
The Body You Deserve is easier than you think. You’ll discover our proven method to get into peak physical shape. Gain optimal health, overcome physical set backs and gain the attractive body, strength and endurance you've always wanted.

DAY 21 Sustainable weight loss strategies
Sustainable weight loss is a 10-day diet and exercise program. You’ll be able to take steps to change your relationship with food and exercise for life. mindset to get sustainable results and achieve long-lasting health and vitality.

DAY 22 Reignite the passion & excitement in your relationship
From stagnation and bordem to passion, excitement and Love-Making. This program empowers you to discover the key understandings and strategies that eliminate fear, create excitement and spark passion.

DAY 23 Create a Long-lasting, Passionate Relationship
Program that will give you absolute clarity on what you need and want from a passionate relationship – and teaches you the proven strategies for achieving it. Find out where you are currently in your relationship and what’s stopping you from having what you want. Whether you are looking for love or looking to reignite passion, this results-oriented relationship program will help you create the lasting love you desire.

DAY 24 Discover the tools necessary to make your life extraordinary
Ultimate Edge, will help you discover what you want most in life, then give you the proven tools and strategies to achieve it. With this three-part program, you will learn to overcome any obstacles holding you back, and truly take charge of your own psychology. Improve your health, master your finances and deepen your relationships in ways you never thought possible.

DAY 25 Become the master of your time and achieve fulfilling accomplishments
Program designed to help you create more time for what truly matters to you. Using the scientifically-proven Success Planning Method, you will learn the strategies to multi task, improve personal relationships and manage a busy schedule. The strategies taught in this program will free you from endless to-do lists and instead put your focus on purposeful action that drives real, consistent results.

DAY 26 Millionaire Master Class: Secrets to Wealth Mastery
Everybody talks about how they want to earn more income. Everybody talks the talk, but very few walk the walk. Wealth Mastery teaches you the secrets to gaining the financial abundance you’ve been dreaming of. At last learn the proven formula to achieving a positive financially shift. Learn the secrets that millionairs worldwide use everyday to generating growing passive streams of income.

DAY 27 Introduction to the Prospria Passive Income License
Discover how the Prospria Passive Income License has already helped so many individuals worldwide to increase their income. This easy to follow program is your very own business. It runs online 24/7/365, earning you income even while you're sleeping. What can be better than that! (more)

DAY 28 The Success Planning Method is not just a planner or time management system
The Success Planning Method is not just a planner or time management system. It’s a new system of thinking that can help you align your daily actions with your life’s purpose. It’s your connection to the goals and outcomes you want (Results) and the reasons you want them (Purpose) so that you can focus on doing the things that you will get you there the fastest (Massive Action Plan).

DAY 29 Boost your influential power and exceed your sales goals
Program that will teach you the art of sales. Learn the ins and outs of human psychology in a way that will let you break down barriers, exert powerful influence on other people, and never hear the word “no” again. Featuring strategies from the world’s best minds in business, the skills gained from this groundbreaking program will give you the edge over your competitors and grow your revenue geometrically.

DAY 30 Inspire Others to Make a Positive Life Transformation
Program that will teach you how to transform the thoughts, feelings and actions of others. Discover the psychological principles that you can apply to yourself and teach to others, like friends, loved ones, and co-workers. Learn to identify harmful patterns in others and replace them with empowering ones to make a profound shift in their life. Be trained on the proprietary method – the 7 Master Steps – that we've created to teach others how to make a positive, lasting impact on their team, community and loved ones.



Before I was introduced to the Prospria training, I struggled to ever really finish things. I was also having trouble making a living. I was constantly afraid of failing and being broke. I really sat down and assessed where I was currently and where I wanted to be. I continue to do this and keep fine-tuning what is working and getting rid of what doesn’t! The Prospria self study program showed me exactly how to do this, and it's completely transformed my life for the better. I'm no longer worrying about everything and I'm actually enjoying life again. I highly recommend this program to anyone who's looking to take full control of their lives, and make a powerful shift in a positive new direction!"

John Byers

Our Program is Designed For:

This program fits a wide range of people such as: the ambitious, wahm's, entrepreneurs, professionals, and those who are simply looking for a real way to improve their lives. It's designed for people that are seeking more out of life and want a proven formula to help them make it happen.

If you're ready to step out of their comfort zone and want to improve any area such as your: healthy, relationships, finances or some other area of your life, then this program can help.

Also many companies are seeking to find professional upgrading programs like this, which can allow their employees to upgrade and improve their skill sets in the critical business areas we teach. Study the program at your own pace in your free time, and if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, just let us know for a full refund of your purchase price. So you have nothing to lose by ordering now.

Our program is easy to understand and follow along with. So whether you're: younger, older, or don't have a lot of education, or are not good with reading or the english launguage, this program is ideal for you. It's mostly in video format, making it easy to study. Just watch and learn online in your free time, and gain the critical life and business skills you need quickly and conveniently.

The Prospria Online Success University™ — Edition, also includes a 100% money back guarantee. So if it's not as good, or better than we claim, let us know and we'll make it right, or else you're money back. Now that's confidence!


You'll access the Prospria Ultimate Personal Power™ Product inside of the Members Back Office. Included in the Back Office is Everything You Need to Instantly be in Business and to Start Making Money Online. Access our products and training in our virtual back office, anywhere at anytime. Study at your own pace in your spare time.






Learn from leading industry experts. Our online training program will allow you to access the Prospria Ultimate Personal Power™ product as well as our complete library on-demand video instruction. You'll unlock our huge database of resources inside of our Members Back Office. Study at your own pace. Begin learning from top instructors on helping you earn more money, build wealth, and achieve the success, freedom and lifestyle that you want.




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According to a 2020 double blind study, members who used and applied our success training, experienced up to 869% ROI when partnering with us.

Whether your aim is increasing productivity, achieving your goals, making more money, or discovering your true potential, we work closely with you through our virtual learning experience, to help you reach your goals in life.

Learn valuable skills on your schedule — Anywhere, anytime. Start your journey to life long success today! Join



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Prospria Ultimate Personal Power™ Program 2.0 — Edition.


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